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The Most Controversial Red Carpet Dresses Ever Worn At The ACM Awards

1. Carrie Underwood

In 2020, Carrie Underwood showed off her toned legs in this dramatic, sequinned gown which was complete with a BDSM-inspired thigh slit featuring three black buckles. We’ve never seen a look like this paired with puffy sleeves and sequin, but the mish-mash of aesthetics is so glorious, we’re hoping she wears it a second time.

2. Kelsea Ballerini

We fell head over heels for Kelsea Ballerini in this Raisa Vanessa dress from 2020. Like the best country stars, she rocked the sparkle with a little country, and a little rock’n’ roll. Cowboy boots pair with a uniquely interpreted animal print dress and some draped sequins. Blondes really do look amazing in red!

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3. Nicole Kidman

This A-list actress always shows out in her finest garb to support her husband Keith Urban. This look is rocker chic with a dose of elegance and a little boudoir inspiration. The plunging neckline and lace aspects give off a lingerie vibe, while the billowing sleeves and ribbon-wrapped heels provide a more memorable outfit.

4. Kacey Musgraves

We’ve never seen a hippie-inspired suit like this before! Kacey Musgraves looked like a straight-up mermaid goddess when she wore this Christian Cowan suit back in 2019. Bellbottoms and matching billowing sleeves were worn in a daring topless rendition, with an open jacket.



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