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Megan Fox Took A Lot Of Flak For Jennifer’s Body.

Jennifer’s Body has become a cult classic years after its release, and Megan Fox wasn’t the only one who was upset by its original reception.

Actress Megan Fox has been a public figure for decades now, and her starpower only continues to grow. And while she’s most recently been making headlines for her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, she starred in a number of truly iconic projects throughout the years. Chief among them is Jennifer’s Body, which has become a cult classic years after its release. And while Fox took a lot of flak for Jennifer’s Body, her co-star says the reception “felt sнιтty” for the whole cast.

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Aside from Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body also includes a number of other familiar faces including Amanda Seyfried, J.K. Simmons, Amy Sedaris, and Adam Brody. The latter actor recently spoke to The Independent about his career, including that 2009 horror/comedy. Fox has been open about how the initial reception was really brutal for her, but she wasn’t the only one upset by how the public/press perceived the film. As Brody shared:

To have it receive such tepid reviews — and in a way, to be a punching bag — felt sнιтty. It wasn’t my movie, so I didn’t take the brunt of it, but it still felt a little unjust.
While Adam Brody wasn’t particularly vilified with the release of Megan’s Body, it sounds like the way the movie was originally received did stick with him and the rest of the cast. What’s more, he seems to know exactly what went wrong on the movie’s road to theaters.

In Jennifer’s Body, Adam Brody played punk rocker Nikolai Wolf, one of the primary antagonists. He’s the lead singer of the fictional band Cold Shoulder, who work together to sacrifice Jennifer to a demon. The movie is equal parts witty and dark, although Brody thinks that the hate that came its way is partly due to Jennifer Body’s racy marketing, which was more about Megan Fox’s appearance than the actual contents of the film. In the same interview he said:

[The marketing] couldn’t have missed the mark harder. The film was a marketing person’s dream, and then to see them do that. Part Goosebumps, part Maxim. It’s not even anything she wears in the movie.

He’s not wrong. The posters for Jennifer’s Body feature Megan Fox all feature her scantily clad, in either a school girl outfit or cheerleading uniform. And while the movie had a wholly original tone that’s been praised years after its release, the marketing made the project seem more surface level. And as a result, Fox was vilified in the media and online.

As previously mentioned, Jennifer’s Body has become somewhat of a cult classic in the years since its 2007 release. This has no doubt been vindicating for cast members like Fox and Adam Brody, as well as writer Diablo Cody. Now Fox continues to make headlines, albeit for different reasons.

Adam Brody can be seen in Shazam 2 on March 17th, while Megan Fox has upcoming roles in projects like Expendables 4. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.



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