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Nastiest Supermarket Girls Caught On Security Camera

Things You’ll Only See in Australian Supermarkets

Hop Skip And Jump

There’s probably nothing more Australian than going grocery shopping with a kangaroo bundled like a baby in your arms, except perhaps eating Vegemite while you’re at it. Known to Australians as Kangaroo Dundee, this man has devoted his life to saving baby kangaroos (joeys if you’re in the know) who have been orphaned. His project became so far reaching that he was featured in a TV special that caused hundreds of single Australian women to propose to him.

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Attack Of The Wild

In case you ever had dreams of visiting Australia, the photos below will probably make you think twice. Kangaroos might not seem dangerous, but then again you probably have never seen them get into a fight. Ultimately more terrifying, however, is the snake curled up in the toilet, lying in wait for an unsuspecting bum to crowd its space, giving it a good enough reason to raise its head and take a bite. Also, there are giant lizards (and spiders). Visit Australia today!

Arizona Selfie Stick

If you’ve never been to the state of Arizona, you could possibly be excused for thinking that it was simply a brand of iced tea. Arizona selfie sticks are the newest craze to hit millennials, taking the place of the disastrous Tide pod challenge, or the far weird planking craze that hit several years back. With Arizona selfie sticks, you have to try and balance your phone to take a selfie on the top of a can while your friends laugh at the impossibility of the challenge.

Koala Me Crazy

Sometimes a koala just needs to bring home a fresh carton of cows milk. Subsisting on eucalyptus day in and day out just gets so boring. It’s highly likely, of course, that this particular koala was sent to the store by his wife because they just needed a bit more milk to use for their new baby’s cereal in the morning. Before he got to the register, however, he would come to realize that he had no refrigerator in his tree, and bring the carton back.

Oreo Your Love

This girl loves Oreos like no other food. Gran’s homemade chocolate chip cookies just can’t hold a candle to the cream filled disks. With two perfectly crunchy cookies and a dab of sweet cream in between, she knew the next time she came to the grocery store, she just had to give the cookies a drastic display of her affection. Her friends knew she had a plan in the works, but they could never have guessed that she would propose married to the Oreo aisle itself.

Carting Around

When you find your grocery store is out of carts, then you should feel free to be as crafty as this woman was. She knew she had a larger than average shopping trip to do that day and just wasn’t up to toting the basket around on her arm. Hardly even thinking, she grabbed the whole basket drop, just thinking about how convenient that was if there were no big carts. Those leave the store, however, were more than annoyed.

Goo’day Mite

Vegemite is one of those substances that it seems only Australians can understand. The spread itself looks like an unappetizing brown goop, and yet even Australians like the girl below just can’t get enough. The girl especially likes to put it on everything from toast to pancakes lasagna and has even been known to stir a bit into her coffee now and again. We certainly don’t get it, but then again, maybe Americans who shun Vegemite are just wrong.

Lost In A Maze

Look, some grocery stores are confusing. Even if you’ve been there a thousand times before, you may just not remember where the ketchup aisle is. It’s even worse when you stumble across the knife aisle when you never knew that the store even sold knives! It would have saved you a lot of headache if you’d known before traveling to three different stores, only to discover you had driven all the way back at the first one.



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